10 Ways to Spot a Child with a “Global Mind”

  1. Asks to join his classmate at fasting during the school day to make observing his Diwali traditions easier for him.
  2. Makes a point at the lunch table at school that playing with and wasting food is not okay. (while the old generation only learned that it is disrespectful considering how many kids don’t have anything to eat, global kids also know the impact growing food and disposing of food has on the environment).
  3. Would never stick her chopsticks into a bowl of rice.
  4. Is friends with kids from different cultural or ethnic backgrounds.
  5. Gets offended by someone making jokes about her friend who is wearing modest wear for swim class.
  6. Eats foods from around the world like Falafel, Dosa, Chow Mei, and Cannoli and tries new foods whenever she gets a chance.
  7. Carries a reusable water bottle around and makes significant efforts to avoid single-use plastics.
  8. Asks, “What do Buddhists believe in?” (Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindi, Mormons).
  9. Reads books with plots that play in other countries.
  10. She knows where she originates, the society she belongs to, and the past of the community she lives in.



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Constanze Niedermaier, Whyzz

Constanze Niedermaier, Whyzz

Constanze is the founder of Whyzz, a company that develops online and offline tools for young global minds. She is a mom and global citizen and loves to travel.